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Our End of Year 2022 Recap

Our End of Year 2022 Recap

  Happy Holidays! We hope you’re enjoying the magic of the holiday season. With 2022 coming to a close, we here at Discoverlist want to celebrate by recapping all of the wonderful memories that we’ve made this year. 2022 certainly took us on one wild ride, but it had some of the most memorable moments

Our CEO & Co-Founder Susana is highlighted during Hispanic Heritage Month in Vista Print’s Spotlight & Shoutout LA’s Magazine Local Stories!

Hello Discoverlisters! We hope that you’re enjoying the fall season so far. We know we have, as our fall season has been absolutely wonderful! We are so excited that last month our CEO Susana was featured twice! First in Vista Print’s own website highlighting Latinx small business owners for Hispanic Heritage Month then in Shoutout

Spooky Travel Recommendations!

Welcome back Discoverlisters! Halloween is upon us and we, for one, are so excited for this spooky season! We know that for many of our fellow travelers, many of you want to go somewhere spooky, but don’t know where to start looking. That’s why for this Halloween, we’re highlighting travelers who are sharing their spookiest

We’ve Teamed Up With 24 Tourism Boards!

      Welcome back, Discoverlisters! We hope that you had a wonderful summer with the help of our Discoverlist app. We here at Discoverlist certainly did. This summer, we announced that we’ve teamed up with over 24 tourism boards from around the world, with destinations across the globe to even here at home in the

Travel In 2022 – We can travel again!

Top places to visit & travel 2022

Travel in 2022 is set to be back to its beautiful best, with many of the world’s most popular destinations ready to reopen to tourists with relaxed entry requirements and fewer concerns over cancellations. With booster programs well underway in many parts of the world, work and travel are becoming much easier and the sun-seekers

Travel From Home (TFH) Virtual Event | Travel App and Bucket Lists

Discoverlist, a travel app to share travel experiences and travel tips with friends, family and travel enthusiasts, recently hosted their first virtual event, Travel From Home. On August 15th, 2020, guests who tuned into the virtual Zoom event were transported to different parts of the world. Creating an online community where adventurers, culture lovers, international

Road Trips & Staycation Keeping Travel Alive

Road trips and staycations keeping travel alive

Global travel restrictions have certainly put a gray cloud over thousands of travel plans around the world. With the future still looking uncertain when it comes to international travel, many explorers are using their creativity and passion for adventure to fuel staycations and road trips in their home countries. Rather than let this sad situation