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Spooky Travel Recommendations!

Welcome back Discoverlisters! Halloween is upon us and we, for one, are so excited for this spooky season! We know that for many of our fellow travelers, many of you want to go somewhere spooky, but don’t know where to start looking. That’s why for this Halloween, we’re highlighting travelers who are sharing their spookiest and haunted travel recommendations!

Agnes Explores Salem, Massachusetts and Recommends Other Places Such as:

  • Spring City, Pennsylvania
  • Mystic, Connecticut
  • Salem, Massachusetts

Agnes (@agnes_explores) has visited haunted and spooky places, documenting her adventures on Instagram. Many of the places Agnes has visited have been abandoned hospitals alleged to be haunted by the ghosts of past residents, including the infamous Pennhurst Hospital.  It should be noted that should travelers visit these abandoned hospitals, they do so with respect due to the dark history of the many horrible things that occurred at these places, and that history should never be forgotten. But not all of the places Agnes has visited have been haunted or abandoned. She’s visited places that have served as inspirations for some of the spookiest stories, such as the Ropes Mansion in Salem, Massachusetts. This mansion was featured in the 1993 Disney Halloween classic film “Hocus Pocus” as well as in Joseph Gioconda’s 2021 novel “Salem’s Ropes.”

Agnes has also traveled to extraordinary museums such as Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery, also located in Salem. This museum is paradise for travelers who love horror movies and science fiction, as it has replications of some of the most terrifying monsters to grace the big screen. Paying homage to horror/sci-fi directors, actors and special effects artists of the past, Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery is sure to appeal to travelers interested in learning how their favorite scary movies were brought to life.  Other creepy places Agnes has visited also include Alice’s Haunted Little Bookshop in Connecticut. A small bookshop inspired by the Victorian-era library of author Lewis Carroll, it’s home to strange and forgotten books of the gothic genre that have never made it on the best seller’s list or to “traditional” bookstores. It also contains items and gifts related to the Victorian era like 19th century newspapers! This bookshop is the ideal destination for travelers who love the genre of gothic fiction in all of its haunting glory.

Molly is another Discoverlister who is recommending some pretty awesome spooky destinations!


Molly Recommends Greyfriars Cemetery and other Spooky Destinations Like:

  • Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • Asheville, North Carolina
  • New York, New York

One location that has left a lasting frightening impact on her has been Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Edinburgh is considered to be the birthplace of Harry Potter, which has given it a reputation for being associated with magic and wizards. This makes it an ideal place for travelers who are fans of the franchise. However, Edinburgh is also home to creepy places such as Greyfriars Kirkyard cemetery, where they offer tour guides for visitors during the night. But travelers beware! A portion of the cemetery is reportedly so riddled with paranormal activity that it’s kept locked during the daytime, being accessible only if you have a key provided by the tour guide.  The cemetery also has mausoleums that were once used as a military prison during the Scottish Revolutionary War, as well as a prison for heretics who refused to convert. Greyfriars is also rumored to have been a burial ground for people who died from the plague, before being converted into a traditional cemetery attached to a church. Although there are officially 300 people buried there with tombstones, it’s believed that there are at least 3,000 people buried there. These reported plague burials weren’t ceremonial at the time, as people didn’t want to risk exposure to the plague from long-term contact with the bodies before burying them in the pits. Urban legend has it that if there’s harsh rain for three days straight, the bones of the plague victims will stick out! AAAHHH!!!  Should this happen, visitors can deposit these bones at a larger base of the Kirkyard so they can return them to their proper burial place.  This cemetery is an ideal spooky place for visitors looking to tour an eerie location this Halloween season.

If the cemetery wasn’t spooky enough for travelers, then Edinburgh Castle is the creepiest place to be. This medieval castle was once a prison for political prisoners during the American Revolutionary War, noticeable by a carving of the earliest version of the American flag on one of the castle’s doors, which travelers can search for as they tour the castle. Edinburgh castle was also once the site of the early witch hunts, where women that were accused of witchcraft were thrown into the water below the castle. They did this as a way to test if they were witches based on whether they drowned or floated. Visitors can hear stories from tour guides of how these women would sew stones onto the hems of their dress to make sure that they sank into the cold, deep waters so they could pass these harrowing tests. The Edinburgh Castle is the perfect place for visitors to have a spine chilling experience and learn more about the macabre side of its history.

Molly also recommends Asheville, North Carolina for travelers who want to experience domestic-friendly frights.  According to Appalachian urban myth, Asheville’s forests have been reported to make strange sounds such as the ringing of bells and chimes. It’s even said that you can hear voices in the woods calling out your name! Molly advises that should travelers hear such noises in the woods, they avoid investigating and keep moving, due to multiple instances of people disappearing in the Appalachian Mountains. Asheville isn’t all about horror, however, as it’s ideal for travelers who prefer the outdoors. Travelers can get a cabin in the woods where they can enjoy the fall in all of its picturesque beauty. Asheville also hosts numerous Halloween themed events and local fairs that serve delicious food, which is perfect for travelers who want to celebrate the spooky season through local festivities. Asheville also has numerous bars but none are as unique as The 27 Club. Named after a group of famous celebrity musicians who died young, this dive bar is an excellent place for travelers who want to enjoy a dark ambience that reflects Asheville’s unique creativity, all while enjoying live music from local bands.

Molly also recommends New York, as it is the place for Halloween enthusiasts. Greenwich Cemetery is one of those places, as visitors can have the opportunity to tell their deepest secrets and write them in little notes, then deposit these notes in a little slot. This cemetery is an excellent destination for visitors to engage in a “witchy” tradition this Halloween season. For travelers looking to experience the New York City nightlife during spooky season, look no further than the Sleep No More Halloween party. Although it’s a bit more on the expensive side, it’s an open bar all night where each floor has a various forms of entertainment. This includes performance art, live bands as well as interactive activities. The party also has cast members who dress up for this occasion and mingle with the crowd. The best part about the Sleep No More party is that it has a different theme every year, which is perfect for providing partygoers a memorable experience. Just make sure you bring extra dollars to tip the bartender!


Whether you want to tour haunted locations or enjoy the festivities of the spooky season, these recommendations are sure to give travelers the scariest Halloween experience of a lifetime!