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Hispanic Heritage Month Latina Traveler Interviews- Jacqueline @worldtravelinglatina

Hello Discoverlisters, and welcome back! It’s been a long time since we published our
last blog, too long for us. For our devoted followers, we’d like to explain. Over the past couple of
months, we’ve been in the process of making adjustments to the Discoverlist app in order to
make users’ experiences better than ever! As a result, we ask that our followers be patient as
we work on creating a new version of the app.
That being said, we wanted to do something really special for Hispanic Heritage Month.
Considering that Discoverlist is a Latina-owned small business, we decided to interview a few
Latinx travel influencers and ask them about their travel journeys and how their Latin heritage
has impacted their travel experience.

One of the first Latinx travelers we interviewed was Jacqueline, better known as
@worldtravelinglatina on Instagram. A traveler of Mexican heritage who was born and raised in
Mission, Texas, Jacqueline currently lives in Chicago. Jacqueline was inspired to start her
traveling journey and post her experiences on Instagram as she has always been curious about
other cultures, particularly when she would meet people from other countries. Once she
acquired the means to travel, she started traveling around the world. She began to post on
Instagram as a result of friends and family asking for photos and videos as well as travel advice.
As a result, she created her Instagram page to show people some of the wonderful sights she’s
seen on her travels. Not only has her Instagram page sparked the curiosity of her followers and
fellow travelers, it has also shown them that they are capable of traveling themselves. Over the
course of her travel journey, Jacqueline has been to 37 countries, with her favorites being
Mexico, India, Italy, Brazil, Tanzania, and Nepal.

Jacqueline’s Mexican heritage and culture have had a great impact on her travel
journey. Jacqueline’s travels have allowed her to compare her Mexican and American culture to
the culture of the places she goes to. Throughout these travels, she has noticed that there are
various countries whose cultures are very similar to Mexican culture, like Southeast Asian
countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam; Both these countries have a family-oriented
culture that Mexico has. As a result of these cultural similarities, Jacqueline feels more
connected to these destinations. Jacqueline has also noticed that when she tells people about
her Mexican heritage, they become curious and treat her better than if she tells them that she’s

For Jacqueline, there have been many advantages and disadvantages to seeing the
world. Traveling the world has opened her eyes to things she never knew existed and has made
her more empathetic and self-aware. However, it has made it difficult for her to connect with
other people who don’t travel. Despite this, Jacqueline still wants to share her travels with others

as she wants them to experience the same eye-opening experiences she’s had. Not only has
that made her a better person, but it has also humbled her by showing her that there’s more out
there in the world to discover. Jacqueline hopes that her travels can help make the world a
better place by spreading awareness of how similar people are by dismantling the perspective
that people from other countries are very culturally different. Jacqueline wants to show others
that despite these cultural differences, people from all over the world have the same basic
human needs. By spreading awareness, Jacqueline also hopes to alleviate people’s fears of
traveling to other countries in general.