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Christmas Abroad! Hear from Travelers on what Christmas looks like around the World.

Hello Discoverlisters! We hope that you’re enjoying the holiday season as much as we are. This holiday season had us reminiscing about a very special episode that we recorded last Christmas on the “I Want to Travel!” podcast. For that episode we interviewed Ariana and Micah, two travelers who have traveled to various countries during the Christmas season. Ariana and Micah shared recommendations for Budapest, Vienna, Rome, Amsterdam and Brazil, where they had some of the most unique Christmas Season experiences. Make sure to listen the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts and/or view the podcast on YouTube, to get the full experience of this interview. Scroll to end of blog for links to these platforms.


Ariana recommended Budapest, as they offer delicious food in their local Christmas markets during Christmas time. One of these dishes includes the traditional beef soup known as goulash, which travelers can accompany with mulled wine for a filling holiday dinner. Budapest’s local markets also offer sausages, especially blood sausage, which Ariana got the opportunity to try. Ariana mentions that Budapest offers vegetarian dishes as well, so vegetarians have something to enjoy as well. Budapest isn’t just all about food though. Ariana also recommended visiting Budapest’s thermal baths, which she called the most amazing experience that she’s had. These thermal baths have gorgeous architecture and are over one hundred years old. At 160 ℉, the thermal baths offer a warm relief from Budapest’s 30℉ freezing weather. Ariana advises that travelers visit Budapest’s Christmas markets before 4 P.M., as it gets dark early. She also advises that travelers book tickets to the thermal baths as soon as possible because they sell out fast.


Vienna was another Christmas destination that Ariana recommended. Vienna is home to the Chris Kingle market, which is located next to city hall. This Christmas market has one of the biggest ice skating rinks that is a perfect place for travelers who are avid ice skaters. Vienna is also an ideal place for the family to travel for the holidays, as the Chris Kingle market has a separate ice rink for children to use as well as a park that becomes a Christmas carnival during this time of the year. Vienna is truly home to a Christmas Dream where you and your family can enjoy the festivities of the holiday experience.



Micah, on the other hand, recommended travelers visit Rome for the Christmas season. He specifically recommended that travelers visit the Vatican City for the holidays, where the courtyard displays a heartwarming nativity scene. The city is also home to the best pizza in Italy from local mom and pop pizzerias. Rome has an energetic atmosphere during Christmastime, when everyone is in high spirits. This is evident as locals are seen biking down the streets dressed in Santa Claus costumes for charity. This event, which is organized by the Peter Pan Onlus association, supports children affected by cancer and their families. Visitors can participate in this event or simply attend to be a part of the giving spirit that makes Christmas the special holiday that it is. Micah also recommended Amsterdam. This destination has lights strewn around their main streets in downtown Amsterdam as a way to celebrate the Christmas season. Like Rome, Amsterdam has festive energy as its people are feeling holiday cheer.


Now let’s take it southwest, all the way southwest, to the beautiful destination of Brazil!



Brazil was another destination Micah recommended. Because of the country’s intense heat during the daytime, people are outside jogging along the long walkways in Brazil’s strips and drinking coconut water to stay hydrated. Due to the hot weather, visitors and locals alike can lay out on the beach during the daytime to cool down. Although the local places don’t play holiday music nor has any form of ice skating, Brazil still celebrates the festivities by decorating with lights. Brazil may have unorthodox vibes for the Christmas season, it’s an ideal destination for travelers who want to enjoy a tropical, relaxed holiday season.



Whether it’s in the winter wonderlands of Europe or in the warm weathers of South America, travelers are sure to have a unique Christmas experience with these recommendations!


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