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Our CEO & Co-Founder Susana is highlighted during Hispanic Heritage Month in Vista Print’s Spotlight & Shoutout LA’s Magazine Local Stories!

Hello Discoverlisters! We hope that you’re enjoying the fall season so far. We know we have, as our fall season has been absolutely wonderful! We are so excited that last month our CEO Susana was featured twice! First in Vista Print’s own website highlighting Latinx small business owners for Hispanic Heritage Month then in Shoutout LA Magazine.

Check out the VistaPrint Spotlight, where Susana shares her background as having experience in brand management and as a passionate traveler who wanted to find a way to share travel tips with her friends. Out of this desire to share her travel experiences, Susana created the Discoverlist app, where travelers can share their travel recommendations with friends through text, email and social media. The most unique part about the Discoverlist app is that Susana was able to partner with over 24 tourism boards in order to include their recommendations for their respective countries along with their COVID-19 requirements for entering said countries. Anyone who wants to plan their future trip can find inspiration through photos, videos and suggestions on Discoverlist, which is available to download on iOS.

Susana was also recently featured in Shoutout LA Magazine, where in an exclusive interview, she tells Shoutout LA how she started Discoverlist in order to resolve the issue that every traveler has had… remembering all of the wonderful places they visited to recommend to their friends. When you read that article you will find a lot of great stories Susana shares. One of those being how she started Discoverlist. As an avid traveler, Susana had trouble remembering the names of all of the places that she visited and would have to spend a lot of time looking for those places online. During one of her many trips, Susana realized that there was a need for an app that would allow travelers to take photos and create a list of recommendations for their trip as they were traveling. And that is how discoverlist was born. There is no longer a need to spend hours writing long emails to share trip information with friends. Susana also discusses what makes the Discoverlist app unique in its own right, such as having the app being geared towards the millennial generation as well as having it combine social media and travel. By integrating the component of social media that young travelers are used to, the Discoverlist app is considered by its users to be more user-friendly. Susana also goes into detail of the struggles she has had to overcome as a female Latinx small business owner in order to keep Discoverlist thriving. According to her, “As a woman AND a minority in this country, you continuously have to prove yourself and put 120% in everything you do day and night. I know a lot of my fellow-colored women understand this. It’s a non-stop journey of proving yourself.” This has involved having to work a 9-5 job in order to fund her company. Susana also mentions the accomplishments she has achieved this year on behalf of her company, such as recruiting over 24 tourism boards into joining the Discoverlist app, as well future plans that she has in store for Discoverlist that include launching a sustainability initiative for young travelers who want to leave a positive impact on the environment and local communities. This sustainability initiative is also something that Susana is personally passionate about. With this initiative, Susana hopes that all travelers can work towards having a beautiful planet that future generations of avid travelers can enjoy! Read the article to see how Susana ends the interview by thanking the people who have helped her make Discoverlist the company it is today. She first explains how she’s grateful to God and why she feels that is important to mention, she then thanks her family and friends. Most importantly, she thanks VistaPrint for their sponsorship and their help creating awareness of the Discoverlist brand with their wonderful products!



We want to congratulate Susana for being featured in VistaPrint’s spotlight for Hispanic Heritage Month and for being highlighted in Shoutout LA’s Local Stories. We here at Discoverlist would also like to thank VistaPrint and Shoutout LA for not only taking the time to get to know our CEO, but for bringing awareness to the Discoverlist app and all it has to offer. As a small travel company, we truly appreciate these opportunities, as they will continue to help Discoverlist flourish.



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