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Our End of Year 2022 Recap

Our End of Year 2022 Recap


Happy Holidays! We hope you’re enjoying the magic of the holiday season. With 2022 coming to a close, we here at Discoverlist want to celebrate by recapping all of the wonderful memories that we’ve made this year. 2022 certainly took us on one wild ride, but it had some of the most memorable moments that we want to highlight to ring in 2023!


New York Travel & Adventure Show, NYC

We started off 2022 attending the New York Travel and Adventure show as a first-time exhibitor by having our own booth! It was one of the first travel conventions to be held in 2 years, due to the pandemic. We had visited several times pre-pandemic, but it was very rewarding to have our own booth for the first time this year. We were no only an attendee but also an exhibitor- what a great feeling!  With the help of some amazing volunteers, we were able to make this show a success, as our CEO Susana got to meet with and recruit 24 tourism boards to join the Discoverlist app! By having their profiles on the Discoverlist app, these tourism boards can promote their wonderful destinations to the Discoverlist travel community.



By having these tourism boards join our app, we were able to promote their locations not only on the app but also on Discoverlist’s very own Instagram page. We were able to highlight delightful destinations and all they offered including (but not limited to): Belize, Madeira, Tahiti, Colombia, Jamaica and Anguilla. It was our pleasure to promote these locations throughout the year in all of our platforms.


International Travel Show, NYC

The New York Travel Show wasn’t the only travel show Discoverlist attended. We also attended the International Travel Show, which was also held in New York City. We met with some old friends, and made some new ones. We recruited 8 new tourism boards to partner with Discoverlist and join our app by creating their own profiles. We will continue to highlight these new destinations on our Instagram page in the new year.


Pinterest TV

There were also many wonderful opportunities that awaited us this year. Over the summer, Discoverlist was also featured in a live episode of Pinterest TV! Pinterest contacted Discoverlist for the wonderful opportunity to promote the Discoverlist app to travelers on Pinterest, which we happily accepted.  The episode included our CEO Susana and our Marketing Associate Kim, who mentioned the addition of tourism boards on the app.  Susana and Kim chatted with travelers about how to plan their trip for the summer and answered questions from viewers. Susana and Kim also got to highlight destinations like Belize and the Florida Keys, as ideal destinations for travelers to take their summer trip. While the preparation for the live episode was a long process and far from easy, it was worth it as we truly enjoyed being a part of Pinterest TV. We would like to thank Pinterest for this wonderful opportunity! We would also like to give a shout out to Kim and the viewers for helping us make this live episode an unforgettable experience.


Northern Pacific Airlines Boeing 757 Unveiling

Our CEO Susana also got to attend the unveiling of the first Boeing 757 for the startup Northern Pacific Airlines in San Bernardino, California. At the air show, she got to take close-up photos of the Boeing plane and even took a photo posing in front of it! She also got to meet with and interview Northern Pacific CEO Rob McKinney for an episode of I Want to Travel! Podcast. In the interview, McKinney discussed how his startup planned to bring travelers between the U.S. and Asia while selling stopovers in Anchorage, Alaska. He also talked about offering low cost carrier models that will sell tickets at a 25% cheaper rate than regular flights. We would like to thank Rob McKinney for taking the time to do this amazing interview with Susana, for it was truly an unforgettable experience.  To listen to the interview with McKinney, check out the I Want to Travel! Podcast and stream the episode wherever you stream podcasts.




VistaPrint Summit

Susana also attended VistaPrint’s first-ever Vista Summit! The Vista Summit was a weekend to remember, as she got to meet with some fellow small business owners/ambassadors and share our experiences and lessons with each other. The summit also had panels of experts in social media and community building, which gave some valuable advice and tools needed for Discoverlist to continue soaring to new horizons. It also provided a wonderful opportunity to meet with new people, such as Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar and Bimma Williams, the co founder and creative director of Claima Stories!  However, it wasn’t all just business, as Susana had a portrait of herself drawn at the summit by artist Jam Haven. The Summit also held a spectacular closing dinner that featured a live performance by THEBROSFRESH. Overall, the Vista Summit was a fun and inspirational event. We would like to thank everyone who made the Vista Summit an experience that we will remember and cherish. We would also like to thank VistaPrint for all they’ve done to support Discoverlist.





2022 was also the year we recruited fellow travel influencers to promote Discoverlist! These travelers showcased their travels around the world by sharing it on their Instagram pages and mentioning Discoverlist on their posts. Whether these destinations were local or international, these travel influencers shared the most beautiful locations while bringing the Discoverlist brand to the attention of their fellow travelers. We would like to thank these travel influencers for sharing their travel recommendations for all of our app users and followers to see.


Discoverlist has had great experiences in 2022, but we still have a lot more we hope to achieve in 2023. One of these things include our Sustainability Initiative, where travelers will have the opportunity to leave a positive impact on the environment and the local communities they visit. This project is also something that our CEO is very passionate about, due to her desire to work towards having a beautiful planet that future generations of travelers can enjoy!


We here at Discoverlist are proud of what we have accomplished this year. We are forever grateful to the people who have helped us make those accomplishments, which include our users, social media followers, podcast listeners, family, friends, volunteers, all fans and VistaPrint! The support of everyone has allowed our company to continue to thrive and for that, we say thank you! We look forward to having your continued support as continue in 2023.


Happy New Year 2023 Everyone!