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Travel In 2022 – We can travel again!

Top places to visit & travel 2022

Travel in 2022 is set to be back to its beautiful best, with many of the world’s most popular destinations ready to reopen to tourists with relaxed entry requirements and fewer concerns over cancellations. With booster programs well underway in many parts of the world, work and travel are becoming much easier and the sun-seekers among you can finally dig out your swimwear once again! So let’s discuss the new norm for travel in 2022 as well as the top places to visit this year.

2022: Year Of The Bucket List

After two years of lockdown travelers in 2022 are ‘going big’ with their vacation plans, booking trips that are as extravagant and exciting as possible. This new travel trend has seen adventurous couples consulting their bucket lists and splashing out on their top places to visit. We’ve been seeing much more travel photos and videos being uploaded onto the Discoverlist app, we are happy to see that travel is coming back! 

Top places to visit & travel 2022

Sustainable Tourism

Another dominant trend for travel in 2022 is sustainable tourism. Since lockdown helps many popular tourist destinations finally recover after years of heavy footfall and pollution. In March 2021, two dolphins were spotted in the canals of Venice, to the shock and admiration of locals. And now people are starting to travel again, tourists are searching for eco-friendly retreats and ways to give back to the local community.

Work And Travel In 2022

Sometimes business and pleasure can mix together, and there are a growing number of us who are now jet-setting around the world with our laptops and briefcases in tow. New work and travel trends are especially appealing to younger people, ‘digital nomads’, who are taking advantage of flexible work schemes to travel the world and catch up on the travel experiences they’ve missed out on due to the global pandemic. And this makes way for more hotels highlighting working spaces and high-speed wifi as well as destinations that allow guests to immerse themselves in nature between Zoom calls and emails. Discover where travelers are going and how they are doing it, on the Discoverlist app. 

Top Places To Travel In 2022

The pandemic made us all appreciate the natural beauty of the planet that much more, and if it’s natural beauty you’re after then Norway is one of the top places to visit in 2022. Stunning waterfalls and jaw-dropping fjords decorate the landscape. So why not hire a campervan, and experience the wild as it should be, and maybe even sleep under the stars!

Or if you’re looking to push the boat out (perhaps literally) for travel in 2022 then the Caribbean paradise of Anguilla is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit. This eco-friendly island is great for couples and for families. Its haven of white sandy beaches, turquoise water, and secluded coves means that it is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Turkey is the place to travel in 2022 if you want guaranteed sunshine and great value for money, with places like Marmaris and Bodrum attracting more and more visitors. This Aegean-Mediterranean destination combines laid-back holiday resorts with amazing local food and stunning ancient sites just waiting to be explored. And all on an affordable budget. 

Check out other hot spots and hidden gems on the Discoverlist app. Perhaps one of those locations can be your next adventure this year!  

Staying Safe Abroad

There are still cautions to consider for travel in 2022 and we would always recommend thoroughly checking the Covid procedures and protocols of any country you are visiting, as well as their vaccination requirements. Always carry your own facemask and bottle of hand sanitizer in your hand luggage for the flight and for leisure activities, and check in advance with any accommodation providers on their hygiene procedures. We would also recommend taking out high-quality travel insurance with a good degree of cover in relation to Covid-19.