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10 Women Travelers You Should Know About

Welcome to our list of the ten women in travel you should know about! Each of them awakens our passion for new adventure. Whether they’re visiting an exotic jungle, or posing against clear waters and cocktails, their love for travel is evident.  And, their words and images pull out our wanderlust.

That’s why we’ve chosen them for this list!

Paris Verra

Currently broadcasting from Saudi Arabia, Paris Verra (@parisverra) fills our travel daydreams. Paris makes us feel like we’re already best friends, sharing honest travel lessons like “How to do Thailand right” and how to sleep underwater with fish in Africa!

Lee Litumbe

Traveling from Zanzibar to Senegal, Lee Litumbe (@spiritedpursuit) guides us with tips and stories from the road. Currently in Senegal, her wealth of knowledge is sublime and deeply detailed. She leaves us with travel guides to hotels, cities, and more. We hope to keep learning from Lee as she continues to grace the open road.

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Today on the site, we’re exploring some of the challenges of what it’s like to travel on an African passport. I personally benefit from being able to travel on a US passport, but that wasn’t always the case. I’m aware there are plenty of Africans who do not have the privilege or ability to travel on a whim. I understand that for some, the travel process must start weeks, months and sometimes even years in advance; essentially having to prove to each embassy that you are worthy of their country. • It’s a complicated topic that I don’t have the answers to, but hope to highlight and spark conversation on. Linked in stories if you’re keen to read it x // #spiritedpursuit

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Hayley Anderson

You can find Hayley Anderson (@haylsa) among a crystal clear blue sky and a field of snapdragons in New Zealand. Her vlogs burst with color, and her blogs give us the sense that we’re missing something by not joining her (this instant!). As far as the eye can see, Hayley is one of our favorites for bringing us rare, beautiful, cinematic magic.

Aggie Lal

What do good energy, avocados, cute puppies, and a free spirit from LA have in common? Just ask Aggie Lal (@travel_inhershoes). On her way to India via Guatemala, Aggie falls in love again and again. Who can blame her? She’s spent four years in LA, and even more time stopping to smell the roses around the world. We adore her aesthetic and follow her during every twist in her love affair with breathtaking sunsets.

Angie Villa

If you’re looking for tropical paradises and endless blue waters, you’re looking for Angie Villa (@missangievilla). Angie shares the luxurious side of travel, and breathtaking scenes on Youtube and Instagram. Her most recent gateway to a luxury hideaway in St. Lucia immediately made our bucket list! We’re happy follow Angie anywhere she travels. Her eye for blue water beauty, landscapes and architecture is one of the sharpest we’ve seen.

Nadine Sykora

Travel expert. Check. Vlogger. Check. Beautiful, honest, and charming human being. Check, check, check. We’re delighted to include Nadine Sykora (@heynadine) on our list of women in travel. She’s been wowing us with down-to-earth, helpful content since she started traveling. And, along the way, she’s one of the most charitable Youtubers we know. Following Nadie, we’ve learned how to avoid travel disappointments and always, always, always look on the brightside.

Allie M. Taylor

Greece. Peru. Switzerland. Honestly, she travels to some pretty cool places. We welcome Allie M. Taylor (@alliemtaylor) to our top ten. With an instagram to prove that these places are real (and not sheer fantasy), she captures seemingly impossible shots of equally unbelievable scenes. We love the tips she drops on her blog, sharing where to stay and what to do during getaways.

Jessica Franklin

Where there is travel, there is beauty. Where there is fashion, there is fitness. Where there is travel, beauty, fashion, and fitness, there is Jessica Franklin (@heygorjess). The Youtube vlogger and Instagram beauty shares pro tips on how to stay fresh and fab while jet setting around the globe. Her genuine joy of life and travel shines through, and we really hope to see more and more from the gorgeous, Jess.

Kristen Sarah

Nature lover and expert in all things travel, Kristen Sarah (@hopscotchtheglobe) gives us all hope that we can still see the world after mommyhood. She makes things look effortless as she poses from England to Malta with her handsome baby, Kai. Kristen is witty in the comments and happy in every snap on Instagram.

Asiyami Gold

The only self-described storyteller on our list, Asiyami Gold (@asiyami_gold) is a precious example of how to travel well. She oozes creativity, vision, and a heightened sensibility in every shot. Not only that, she’s a fountain of good vibes through her motivational streams and posts.

These are some of the women consistently inspiring us to travel more. Who are some of your favorite travellers? Let us know in the comments!